About Us


We're on a mission.

As great as most of the devices today look, every phone, laptop and gaming console has the right to feel unique, protected and loved. No more scuffs, blemishes and wear. 

Each skin is made from premium 3M materials, considered the very best in the industry. We pride ourselves on being extremely precise. We use detailed measurement tools and state of the art equipment to ensure your skins are perfectly aligned with your devices.  That's why we offer a full guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with the skin quality that you've purchased.

As a company, we are unified by three core values:

Customer Service - Never make a customer feel unimportant or forgotten. Quick responses and resolutions.

Follow Through - Always deliver on our promises. No matter what obsticles lay in our way.

Create a lasting impact - Your devices will never be the same without 7 Layer Skinz.

We want to make the tech world a more individuaslised place by giving devices the protection they need and helping them feel customized for their personalities.



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